Crocheted Favours

For two of my hen dos (2/4!) my bridesmaids had arranged party bags. In the Brighton weekend party bag there were many phallic objects, sweets, badges, glo sticks, shot glasses etc. For the afternoon  tea and craft session it was decidedly more high brow, what with my mother in law being present and all!

My bridesmaid Haley, who was arranging, asked me to crochet all my hens a favour to say thank you. I thought this was a lovely idea and got to work making crocheted novelty brooches.

The patterns are mostly from Pinterest and the hearts are a Bella Coco tutorial . They were easy enough to make and it was a lovely way to inject some of me into their gifts, as they all know what a crochet addict I am. The only thing I didn’t like was the sewing on of the brooch pins *face palm*.. I made 18 in all, here’s a selection that made it to Instagram:

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