Harmony Blanket



In January I treated myself to a woolwarehouse Attic 24 pack. I’d been mooning after the Harmony blanket because of its lush colours and I love blankets made of squares. I knew it would be a daunting task so waited until after I’d made my hen party favours.

The colours of the blanket are

Plum : Raspberry : Violet : Pale Rose : Lavender : Clematis :Lime : Meadow : Sage : Aster : Turquoise : Cloud Blue : Petrol : Storm Blue : Violetimg_1685

All in stylecraft DK, which is lovely to work with.

Lucy suggests making up the squares in strips according to how they are assembled so the blanket gets made as you go. However, because I take my projects everywhere with me, taking 17 balls of wool around with me would be impossible. So i decided to make up sets of squares at time to minimise the colours I’d need in my bag at any one time.  It’s made up of 14 different colour combinations, 9 squares of each, so 126 squares in total.

So far I have managed two sets of 9, all woven in and ready to be blocked (I need a board!)..

I will update soon! only 12 lots of 9 to go!

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