Cakes, bunting and a lot of Prosecco

Last weekend I was thoroughly spoiled yet again! My gorgeous bridesmaids have arranged ANOTHER weekend of fun for people who didn’t come to Brighton two weeks ago.

On Friday I had 2 of my bridesmaids and my future sister in law come over to stay. We drank plenty of wine and devoured pizza and crisps, before falling into bed. Luckily, M had his stag do this weekend. It involved a fox costume and 18 men dressed as traditional huntsman!

The next morning we were joined by my god mother who had traveled from Surrey and we had a glass of wine with our breakfast of bacon sandwiches. The day was a complete surprise, I didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing.

For lunch we went to Tymperley’s which was a beautiful old clock museum turned tea rooms and restaurant. There was 18 of us in all, family and friends. The place had been decorated beautifully and I love afternoon tea so that went down well. Then a lady arrived called Bea who told us we were to have a craft afternoon!

Bea runs a craft party company called Make Do Menders and does lots f hen parties and baby showers. She ha brought with her a plethora of buttons, ribbon, sequins and threads. We were all to make decorate a triangle of fabric that Bea would sew together to create some bunting to decorate the wedding venue! It was SUCH a good idea as it was so personal! There were a few groans and eye rolls from the not so crafty but actually, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. It was so nice to sit ad do something creative surrounded by all my favorite ladies, eating cake and drinking prosecco. I was sad for the afternoon to end.

After that most of us piled back to my house for a Chinese and a few more bottles of prosecco before going out for a night on the town!

Sunday I was very tired and sad to see my friends go but it wont be long before I see them again at the wedding!

This weekend just gone I spent the weekend with my mum as it was mother’s day on Sunday. We went to the Bullring for last minute weddings bits (jewelry, underwear, guest book) and then for dinner at the faboulous Kilworth House Hotel. The dinner was divine!

Not long now!




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