Knitting with tweed and the flu

So much for feeling so much better. I woke up last Sunday with a bit of a tickly cough and a cotton wool head. By Monday I had a temperature of 38 degrees, heavy limbs, headache, hacking cough and fog brain.

The week’s gone by in a whirl of night nurse fixes, dreams of being on fire and room spinning. I couldn’t even manage to crochet! Today I’m over the worst of it, I still have a cough, headache and tiredness but I’m definitely on the mend. In my delirium yesterday however, I appear to have taken up knitting!

It really is like riding a bike and due to crochet my stitches and tension are much better than they used to be. I’m using Sirdar Chunky tweed in Crigglestone and have ordered another ball a long with two more in Driffield (purple) and Malvern (green) and I think I’ll just keep it really simple and knit myself a long scarf. It’s a nice change to crochet and something easy to do in front of the television.

The reason for my sudden change of craft is because I was inspired by Lucy at Attic 24 just before Christmas and her beautiful sock knitting so put some variegated 4 ply and circular needles on my list. My brother bought me this beauty and I really want to get started, but thought I’d practice the basics first!

Hot cross buns are in the shops! my absolute favourite! I love Easter but it is especially exciting this year as it’s our wedding weekend!


I brought some Spring into the house! These spring flowers will be perfect for our wedding tables!



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