Feeling BE you tiful

Two weeks into 2016 and I am feeling really good. I’ve worked realy hard to change all my bad habits. I’ve given up eating for the sake of eating (working in a school is a nightmare for this, cake central); I’ve cut down on drinking alcohol (best way to shed the pounds!); I’m eating lighter meals in the evenings; I’m having breakfast every day; and I’m attending the gym regularly and am happy about it!

I’ve noticed a real lift in my mood, I feel really content all the time. I don’t have that horrible tired feeling I used to get every few days. My muscles feel tired and I’m tired when I go to bed but not that awful dead tired feeling at 10.30 in the morning. I have energy and motivation to get up and out, do chores, prepare meals (although lighter!), go shopping and attend a gym class all in one evening!

I haven’t had any anxiety so far, even though I get married in less than 11 weeks! Before Christmas the wedding prep was hanging over me like a black cloud. I felt disorganised and fearful. At the end of January I sat down with my bridesmaids, brainstormed the entire event and from this created to do and to buy lists. I then organised all of this into a folder with my list of RSVPS, table plans, invoices and bills.

I also chased my RSVPS, and began the task of highlighting and crossing off. I’ve been quite hurt by some people whilst planning our wedding.  Rather than focus on that I’m focusing on the people who have been so kind. It’s so lovely to receive an RSVP from an old family friend you haven’t seen in 10 years, with a note on the bottom thanking you for inviting them., when family members decline without a word.

We’ve also been shopping for decorations and other items because I’m finally able to make a decision! I am happy with my choices without being fearful I might be wrong or I might regret it. I’m far more laid back. I’m absolutely loving my seaside/nautical theme. I’m so pleased I chose it as it’s something  little different but there are so many decorative opportunities! My kitchen is chocker block full of shells, sand, beach signs and camper vans!

As for crochet, I’ve joined Bella Cocoa’s crochet group on Facebook and been bombarded with inspiration and ideas. I found some wonderfully squishy aran variegated yarn in Aldi in pinks and greys. I decided to try out the waffle stitch which is surprisingly easy. Annoyingly, I’ve worked out I’m going to need another ball at least (200g) and Aldi don’t have any in stock. Fortunately for me however, I’ve facebooked Aldi and they are on the case!


In really exciting news, I’ve finally bought attic 24’s Harmon Blanket pack from Woolwarehouse. It’s so beautifully coloured that I really couldn’t resist! I’ve also asked a friend to do the blanket at the same time as me. This way I know that i’ll stick to it!

wool delivery


Swatching my Stylecraft harmony colours
Before I start this though I’ve got a few things to gift as thank yous! More on that soon!

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