A Christmas Elf

As I said in my last post I made a few crochet presents over the holidays. This Christmas Elf came from the Christmas Simply Crochet edition. I initially thought it was smaller than it was and thus it ended up taking me longer than expected.. ( I was still making it on Christmas morning!)

The gift was for my mother in law to thank her for having us all for Christmas day and fitted in very well with her other Christmas decorations.

I made it using some Stylecraft DK scraps I had left over (grey, claret and parchment) and a 3.5 hook in order to make my stitches tight.

The body took an age! With lots of frogging and recounting and stitch marker losing… The legs and arms, however,  were very lovely, I like a round that will fit round your finger with regular colour changes!


Unfortunately i couldn’t get a hold of any wool roving for the bearrd and don’t have a felting needle to make the nose, I improvised with some stuffing and a brass button.

I filled him full of a bag of rice to weight down his bottom and stuffed the rest of the body. He sits beautifully on any edge.


I’ll be keeping the pattern and starting early next year, making smaller versions in a selection of other christmassy colours and giving them to my friends.

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10 thoughts on “A Christmas Elf

      1. They would make a neat ornament for the tree if small enough … I can’t believe I’m thinking about Christmas decor after I took down everything yesterday.


      2. Same here … time for some non-christmas projects. It comes to mind that he would make a lovely garden gnome … in a different color palette.

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