Goal Digger


I’m so negelectful, but in my defence, I haven’t been able to sit down these past few weeks. Work has been absolutely mad on the run up to Christmas, the usual Christmas madness combined with a very important local inspection, but I’m pleased to say that all our hard work has paid off!

My Christmas break was wonderful full of family, friends and food but completely and utterly exhausting! We were both spoilt absolutely rotten with gifts, not what we were expecting with a wedding so close by!

Me and M had 3 Christmas days at different family members houses, our own visitors, lunches out, breakfast meet ups, coffees out, suit fittings etc. We’ve spent the last few days putting away Christmas decorations and presents, cleaning, washing and organising our wedding plans.


The weather is foul atm, I’m sat in the kitchen with a fleece, scarf and my new fluffy slipper socks on listening to the howling wind and torrential rain batter the house. Good thing my slow cookers full of hot stew and M’s braved the weather for rabbit food, and suet for the dumplings.

I have been crochet crazy these past few weeks, all of which I’m organising into posts and will be publishing steadily this week. Some other exciting news, M bought me my own domain name! http://www.petitchou.co.uk is now live! How exciting!

As it’s new year ive been refelecting on past NYE goals (link) and setting new ones, I seem to have 3 main catergories:

health and happiness

– wedding planning, travel plans, health and lifestyle changes


goals, changes, resolutions, plans, wishes

blog and social media-

goals, ideas, plans

I have high hopes for 2016, this is the year I become a married woman and have started setting myself goals to work toward so that I can start to plan the rest of our lives, no more waiting for things to come to me, I’m going to go out and grab it, how exciting!


How was your Christmas and NY?

please follow, like an share!

Love! x


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