Cherry Red Hat for a Brave Shave

A little while ago my friend and bridesmaid asked me to crochet her mum a hat. Her mum was braving the shave to raise money for cancer research UK and as it’s nearly winter would need a hat to keep her head warm! Due to recent events in our lives, cancer charities are quite close to our hearts so this was an offer I just could not refuse!

I’d never had proper commission before so was nervous that it should be good. She was very definite that her mum would want a red hat so I managed to find some super chunky cherry red yarn (trusty King Cole Big Value in Wine) which was ultra soft and I hoped wouldn’t scratch.12105685_513825455458395_4702483697358234933_n

This hooked up with a 9mm hook and I used approx. 150g of it.

The first half the pattern was a really easy round and increase pattern, it was quite long so that the beanie became very slouchy at the back. The band was then made using front loops only so that it created a ribbed effect and it overlapped. This was then stitched onto the band of the hat using an embroidery hook. I then applied two black buttons, I didn’t have any matching sizes in my button collection but that didn’t matter. I toyed with multi-coloured buttons but thought that black reminded me of a poppy and as it was so close to Remembrance day it was fitting.

The hat was tried and tested first by my fiancé who demanded he also have one, I must say I was sad to see it go, it was very comfy! I know its gone to a great home though.

Well done to my friends lovely mum at raising so much money by doing something that some women have no choice over. Well done T!

tina  wpid-wp-1447341754975.jpeg

If you’d like to make a donation please do, she’s done fantastically well so far but every little helps.

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2 thoughts on “Cherry Red Hat for a Brave Shave

  1. There is something about this time of year that just screams make a hat isn’t there? I made three at the end of last week and one us even for me! Good to catch up with your blog x


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