Autumnal update and baby pumpkins

I said before in a recent post how much I love Autumn and I’m happy to say it again.

The clocks went back at the weekend, which has done funny things to my sleep. My body wants to go to bed by 7.30!

Luckily, because it’s half term I can also lie in.

This week I’ve been mainly making lamb stews, buying sale bargains hats and scarves, adding to my yarn haul, crocheting pumpkins and changing my living room decor to autumn.

This has involved rescuing these super sweet baby pumpkins from the school garden, crafting some friends for them, getting out the tartan sofa cushions, making sure there are blankets on every chair arm and burning some cinnamony and red berry hotties (wax melts). I’ve also invested in some LED battery candles this month. I love candles but dislike leaving them to burn on their own and letting the smoke taint the ceiling.

It’s really miserable and rainy today, even the bunny doesn’t want to come of of the shed to play. Luckily, he’s got plenty of hay to keep him snug.

Pay day yarn haul from Hobbycraft


Little cutie pie crocheted pumpkins!



One day I’ll have a log burner..
New picture wall, lot’s of hares!
Snug Bunny.
Beautiful idea from

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