If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but as tomorrow’s Sunday I don’t think it matters.

I love Sunday’s. Especially at this time of year. I had a pretty perfect Sunday today.

I woke up early but this was fine as I love lounging in bed, reading and browsing blogs. M got up around 10 and put the bacon on whilst I showered. We had breakfast and headed over to Dedham where we mooched across the fields, following the Stour river, arguing about getting a dog (me desperate- M know’s he’ll be chief walker) until we got to flatford Mill.It was a lovely day, blue sky and brilliant sunshine. After some walnut cake and some too sweet hot chocolates we mooched across the fields back and jumped in the car.




Cows having a snooze in the warm sun!
Cows having a snooze in the warm sun!






The painting
The painting








little Robin watched us for ages whilst we drank hot chocolate
little Robin watched us for ages whilst we drank hot chocolate

We stopped in at The Range to get some plate hooks, however ended up coming home with two pictures and an Olive tree!. Who knew the range did garden stuff!

When we got home we spent a good hour out the front of the house, weeding, pruning the lavender (smelled divine), washing the front door and placing out the new olive tree. It looks absolutely massive but I love it! If I can’t have an Edwardian, tiled, farrow and ball esque house front I can at least have the potted olive tree!


This gardening then led to a quick blitz of the back garden, putting everything to bed so to speak. The rabbit even helped with the weeding.

After a hot shower I’ve settled in the kitchen with some tea, put on the dinner and am just checking through some work emails in prep for tomorrow. I’ve been really good this week and used my time wisely. Books were marked daily and planning done during PPA time. So no Sunday afternoon work, horay!

Tonight for tea we’ve got some delicious Jimmy’s Farm sausages (beef,pork and plum and leek and apple!) sprouts, roatsies, yorkies and breadsauce. My favourite!

I’m looking forward to settling down after dinner, maybe having a snooze, doing some crochet, watching an old Sunday film and preparing myself for Downton Abbey at 9 before bed at 10. I saw a good meme this morning about Sunday’s.

It isn’t a Sunday unless you’ve done nothing all day and then feel really sad about it at 8pm

Well not for me!

2 thoughts on “If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now.

  1. What a lovely day – those landscape photos are beautiful! The front of your house looks very smart and puts ours to shame. It’s such a huge area though, I just don’t know where to start.


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