Parisian tones with an English Twist.

I was searching the web for an old writing desk for my living room. I love the idea of a desk but also know how messy they become as it’s just another dumping area. The bureau however, can be shut away or opened up, both ways looks gorgeous.

I mentioned this to M’s mum who said she had her grandmother’s old one and they were going to get rid! She was so pleased when i said I wanted it!

The desk is stunning and a lovely space to store way letters, cards and notebooks. However it is a little dark for my living room, especially since I’m redecorating!

I have used chalk paints before but wanted to try the famous Annie Sloan chalk paint after buying one of her books.

I chose Paris Grey in the end, I did consider paloma but it was quite purpley.


With no prepping required I began thinly, I don’t know whether it was the paint or the surface but it seemed to go on like magic, it seemed to spread itself much further than other paints but didn’t loo like it had been slapped on. It gave a really beautiful effect with no obvious brush strokes or drips.



Because my living room colour scheme is yellows and greys I wanted the inside of the bureau to pop. I painted the little divider and drawer in Annie Sloan’s English Yellow as well as the wooden interior. I wanted the desk top to be papered over, so cunningly (is it even legal!?) took some wallpaper samples of yellows and greys from B and Q. I like this one because the yellow is more of a mustard. Then got M (who’s handy with a sharp knife) to paste it to the top trim off the excess and varnish over the top a couple of times to harden.




For the knobs I wanted something cute and vintage (note: think before you google image search, vintage knobs was not a wise choice..) I found these beauties in a shop in Long Melford and after another coat of paris grey, lightly sanded and rubbed in some nice wax it was all ready.

I’ve had it a few months now and get lots of comments from my guests, I’m really proud of it and so pleased that this piece of furniture got to stay in the family.

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