Chimps and Swedish Noir

I have absolutely loved my new amigurumi obsession and all the kids I know will be in receipt of one soon!

My bridesmaid Claire has kept me entertained these past few weeks by sending me videos of her cheeky 11 month old Harry. So because he’s so cheeky, I decided to make him a cheeky chimp. I spent ages searching for a free pattern and found this one on heartandsew blog, he caught my eye because he looked cute and not sinister like some.


I made him over a couple of days whilst I was away visiting family and they couldn’t believe the speed in which he’s made up!



I used stylecraft special DK in walnut and parchment and for the fez the same in claret and gold. I hope you like him!


I interspersed my crocheting by binge watching Jordskott on sky. Its a Swedish mystery thriller with a supernatural edge, I was absolutely hooked! The only downside, its in subtitles, which mean I couldn’t crochet and watch simultaneously.

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