Giraffes, Sunshine and Classics.

I made good use of the weather over the weekend and spent two days in the garden either on my sun lounger or in the shade crocheting and listening to Go Set A Watchman on Audible.

I’d seen this crochet stripy giraffe on I Love Buttons blog and thought he was so cute and I loved the colours! So I decided to give him a go!



The pattern was really simple and this time I left each piece with a really long tail and used that to sew onto the body rather than thread and found this far simpler and neater. I embroidered simple eyes rather than use buttons as he will be gifted to a baby. I’m sad to seem him go! But he was so enjoyable to make maybe I can do another before summer is out.


I decided to try out audible as I love reading but it isn’t a hobby that goes hand in hand with crocheting! My first freebie was the To Kill A Mockingbird Seqeul. I love the original and was over the moon when I heard about a sequel. I’m halfway through the book at the moment, I’m saving the rest for more nice weather, and so far, whilst enjoyable, Im a little perplexed at where all the action is. It so far seems to be a collection of memories from Scout’s perspective which although lovely (especially so because its narrated by Reece Witherspoon’s honey like southern drawl) make me question the point.. infact a book shop in the states has been offering refunds on the book as it isn’t the summer read it has been marketed as. It is to be viewed more as an ‘academic curiosity’, an insight the author. I agree. Let me know what you think.

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