Blue Spot and Petrol

I haven’t been blogging much recently, but not because I haven’t been making! I’ve been so tied up in wedding planning and end of year school things that all I’ve wanted to do is relax in my garden hammock!

A lady at work discovered T shirt yarn whilst on holiday in Ibiza. She also had a go at making her own yarn out of an old tshirt (see here!) and made a gorgeous craft bag!

I found some Tek Tek cotton tshirt yarn online and decided I wanted to have a go at making my own!


I used this pattern after a search on the internet but used single/double (us/uk) stitches instead and extended the height of the bag. The bag has a special ‘bottom’ so it sits nice and flat.


It was a really different crochet experience as i used a 12mm hook and had a very sore hand! Luckily due to the thickness of the fabric it made up within a couple of days. The colours were Tek Tek petrol blue and blue spot.



Also made a flower brooch to attach!



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6 thoughts on “Blue Spot and Petrol

  1. Oh wow, that’s fabulous! I love the two colours you’ve used and I know what you mean about thick yarn and a large hook hurting your fingers. What we go through for our art, eh?


  2. I love the colours. Have you also tried Hooked Zpaghetti yarn, and how does it compare to TekTek? The Hooked kits I have seen were incredibly heavy and pricey.


    1. I have seen it but never used. Ive just been given some unbranded tshirt yarn from ibiza which was €2.50 per ball which is such good value! Ill be using that soon x


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