Sausage Dogs and Star Blankets

Now that this has been gifted, i can finally blog it!wpid-20150620_142102.jpg

Friends of ours had a baby earlier this year so before he was born, i started this (I knew it was a boy, I even predicted his date of birth).

This is my first venture into amigurumi and although i was skeptical of my abilities at first, I’m impressed with the result!

I got the pattern from a google search but shortened the body as i didn’t want him too long. The eyes were a bit trickier, much easier to sew on buttons but as it was for a baby I was conscious of choking.. It took me a few attempts but I’m fairly pleased with the result.


The blanket was started first, I was inspired by Wool Pickle’s blog. However the pattern she directed us to was unfathomable for me! Luckily, I emailed her querying the start, and she blogged a tutorial, so thank you to you, sorry it took so long to update you!


The blanket would have ideally been bigger, but the Daschund took up all my time and I ran out of Stylecraft petrol. When the blanket was finished it didn’t feel very soft and also had a faint whiff or stale water (lots of blocking!). So i hand washed it in fairy non-bio and a few drops of lavender. It was then rolled in a thirsty towel, stamped on and left to air dry. It smelled delish!


Making the dog prompted me to make another little creature for a little girl. She is made but I’m struggling to crochet a dress that fits, as soon as it’s gifted I’ll blog!

My next project is this gorgeous Totoro for a very pregnant friend at work!

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8 thoughts on “Sausage Dogs and Star Blankets

  1. He’s adorable. I made one like this too – my friend has two sausage dogs and asked if I could do some for her. I also made a black and brown one. So simple to make but super cute.


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