Reading: The Bone Clocks- David Mitchell

I tried reading Cloud Atlas about 10 years ago but never got into it. We rented the film a couple of years ago, I fell asleep. If I’d have known David Mitchell was the author of the Bone Clocks I wouldn’t have bought it.. Thank goodness I didn’t!

I bought the book hastily in Tesco in preparation for a day lazing in the sun in my hammock. I’d tried to purchase it before on my Kindle after reading a review a while ago but deemed it too expensive that the time.


So far it’s very interesting and intriguing (and I get bored easily). It starts off very real, reminding me of one of my favorite books as a teenager, Junk by Melvin Burgess. But then it seems to dip its toe into sci-fi and fantasy just enough to keep you intrigued but not too much to make you want to stop reading. I’m halfway through now and still haven’t a clue what’s going on, but in a good way. I measure how good a book is by how long it takes me to read it and how many baths i take (an excellent excuse to read). I’ve read half of the 620 page book in 4 days which seeing as though I’ve been quite busy this week is pretty good..

I bought All the Light we Cannot See 4 weeks ago and am barely a  third of the way though it, I imagine it will never be finished now!

I’ve just had The Shining Girls by Lauren Beaukes delivered from amazon. Apparently it’s a book that must be read… I’ve hidden that away so I’m not tempted. I do have a 6 weeks of holiday coming up, so i need to stash away some entertainment.


At the start of the holidays I’ll do what i always do and go down the Oxfam bookshop in town and spend a tenner on some books I’ve always wanted to read. I’ll also rapidly be needing a new bookcase soon, all 3 are full to bursting. The book collection slowed for a year or so whilst I had my Kindle, but I’m so fed up of not knowing what I’m reading and not having anything to smell or display proudly on a bookshelf.

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