Beach Hut Tablet Case

For Christmas Santa brought me a lovely Kindle Fire XHD. It’s great for browsing blogs, watching Netflix in bed and reading books in the car at night (as a passenger you understand).

However, I haven’t had a proper case for it and don’t like any that I’ve seen in the shops so I decided to craft one.

It didn’t need to be anything special, just a sleeve to stop it getting scratched but it did need to look cute. This is my first ever pattern so please excuse me if there are errors or it doesn’t make sense!


Beach Hut Tablet Case
UK pattern abbrv
4mm hook
DK weight yarn- I used Stylecraft Special DK in Denim and White

DC- double crochet

HTC- half treble crochet

sl st- slip stitch

1. Chn the length required to fit around your device. Remember yarn is stretchy and you want it snug, it’ll look too small but as long as it wraps around when stretched it should be fine. I chained 50 for my kindle fire. Sl st to create a large loop, don’t get it twisted!

2. Double crochet (US SC) in second chain from the hook and continue double crocheting in a spiral to form a tube.

spiraling upwards to form a tube.
spiraling upwards to form a tube.

I put stripes on mine for a nautical look. I joined the new colour but didn’t snip the original, after three rounds i carried on with the blue and kept the white out of the way until i needed it again. Where the wool follows up I made sure this was on the inside of the case when i sewed it up.

3. Make your tube the desired length (we’ll slipstitch the bottom closed so you wont need much seam allowance) and then we’re going to make the envelope flap/pitched roof.

4. When the tube is at the desired length, double crochet half way round the tube (mine was 25 stitches) then chain one turn and double crochet again 25 to create the flap.

5. Now we need to begin to reduce to create the point. ch 1 and turn miss one DC and double crochet until end. Rpt until flap is desired length, reducing the row by one stitch every time, finish of. I did 9 rows and reduced to just 6 stitches.wpid-20150510_012111.jpg

6.  Making sure your tube is the now the right way facing out (nastybits hidden) join yarn to the original chain at the bottom and sl st the tube closed.

6. Attach button with strong thread

7. Join at the end of the last envelope row,  chain a loop so that it fits around the button and sl st securely at end of row.



When I’d finished my cover I knew it needed a starfish! I’m loving navy and white stripe with a pop of coral at the moment so found some zingy coral yarn in my basket and fashioned this star.

1. ch 2 and HTC (US HDC) into second stitch from hook 10 times, attach to the first HDC with a sl st (10 HDC)
2. *ch 4, sl st into 2nd ch from the hook, DC in next chn down, HTC in next chn down (this is the point) on the round below skip one HTC and sl st into the next HTC, you should have one point! rpt from * until you have 5 points.
3. securely attach to your case with coloured thread.



You could make your beach hut any combination of stripe colours, add small bunting or little crocheted buckets and spades! Completely up to you, please link back to this pattern and show me your creations!

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