Chevrons, mink and buttermilk

Because it’s spring I’ve decided I’d like to update my living room. I’ve stuck to pale truffles and minks for the sofa and at the moment teamed it with some red checks. This worked well in the winter with the highland theme I was going for but it’s a bit wintry for this time of year.

I bought this nice fabric for a dress I’m making and used the remnants to make a cushion cover. After lots of pinteresting I’m slowly working up a moodboard of yellows, naturals and greys with this trendy chevron pattern. I don’t want to abandon my crochet either so intend to make up a few mismatched crochet cushions and perhaps a light chevron patterned throw.


crochet ideas!
crochet ideas!



yellowcush 1

chevron cushion


To get me started I’ve spent the afternoon chalk painting this old spindle chair. I bought four pine chairs for £20 off of facebook. I needed 3 chairs for my dressing table, sewing table and bureau.


I’m really enjoying my new book Modern Crochet by Molla Mills! I’m not usually one to buy crochet books but I originally bought it for a friend who’s not very well. However,after receiving it realised it was no good for beginners crochet so kept it for myself!


molla mills

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4 thoughts on “Chevrons, mink and buttermilk

  1. I do love a bargain and those chairs were definitely that – this one looks fab! Yellow and grey are bang on trend and all those patterns you’ve found are brilliant – how are you going to narrow it down?!


      1. Moodboards are great – did you see the one I did before we decorated the boys room a couple of weeks ago? The room turned out pretty close to the moodboard:)


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