Birthday Treats

This week it is my birthday!

On Saturday we stuck with our tradition of going to London to watch a musical. This year we saw Les Mis which was brilliant. There was a n odd moment when poor little Gavroche fell off the barricade but he managed a finale so I’m guessing he was OK!

We also had some nice news of family giving is generous wedding donation so that’s eased my mind a little.

M’s been really secretive about my birthday present.. usually ill tell him what i want and nothing is a suprise, However this year he went to stevenage (?!) to pick up my present and then used a whole roll of wrapping paper wrapping it. After me and BananaMay went on a hunt we found these:


But what is the big one?! Excited for Tuesday to find out!

On my way back from London M rang to say he’d bought some things from a friends storage unit to sell on, wheeler dealer that he is. He wondered if i had any use for this:



I’m gobsmacked! It was thrown in as a sweetner! It’s an American unit so I’ll need a UK transformer and it hasn’t got any accessories so i’ll need to purchase some of those.. Overall very exciting, love the colour too!

Anyway onto my WIP. I am desperate to start the Style Craft Lilly Pond crochet a long next month but I really want to get this one to a decent size!



I haven’t been crocheting much recently and have found I’ve felt anxious, stressed and unable to sleep. As soon as I picked up my hook again all this subsided. They should offer it on the NHS, wonder cure!



I didn’t really like this to begin with, I didn’t stick to the original colour plan and didn’t fancy finishing it. However, this week I’ve just decided to make the best of it as I really do need to finish something, it’s becoming somewhat of a joke now..

Excited for these new style craft colours to come out next month too!!
Also this week we had a little visit to my class from these little guys:

Huey, Dewey and Louie!
Huey, Dewey and Louie!

The children loved them! They were ever so sweet!
The children loved them! They were ever so sweet!
Update on The Hour Glass Factory from last week, I’ve nearly finished it, it’s been most enjoyable!

Anyway, got lots of school work to do before roast dinner with the Mother-in-Law.

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Chouxsy xx

One thought on “Birthday Treats

  1. Exciting present stash there! P’raps he went to Stevenage to pick up a fantastic eBay bargain? Looks like he’s got an eye for it with your KitchenAid – I’ve got one in red to match our range:) Love the ducklings!

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