Feeling like a German sausage: The wurst.

So I’m ill. Again. Was feeling rough last weekend which culminated in clogged ears and a leaky ear Tuesday. The Dr told me it was a mild outer ear infection and prescribed drops, he made me feel like a right wimp, thanks paI. I told anyone who would listen that it was pressure behind the ear drum and drops would do nothing. I was met with ‘you’re not a doctor, do as he says’.

Guess what? After 5 days of feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus, the walk in clinic says I have an ear drum fit to burst and prescribed a steroid nasal spray. Ear drops were pointless. (secret glee at being right)

I need a definite lifestyle change as this year I have had every illness going, tonsillitis, D&V, water infections, colds, sinus infection, fatigue you name it. It doesn’t help that I work with 30 human germ factories every day either, sneezing and coughing all over me!

Anyway all this time off at least means I can crochet. When I have enough strength to lift my arms that is.

I’ve been working on the as-we-go-stripy, although I deviated from the colour scheme.. Now kind of wishing I didn’t, the lime and spice didn’t have the desired effect. It’s also gone all wavy too which is annoying, even though I think I have less stitches than I started with. However it is nice to do, the mix up of stitches definitely keeps me interested as does the frequent colour change. I took it to the walk inn centre with me, got a few strange looks, I don’t care, I’m bringing about a crochet revolution.

No more wool shopping!
No more wool shopping!


The weather certainly needs to make it’s mind up. We’ve had wind and rain and yesterday snowflakes the size of dinner plates but none of it stuck around long. I think Essex has avoided the worst of it.

I’m over winter now, I’m excited for snow drops, crocuses, new blooms, garden centre shopping, planning my vegetable garden and my favourite of the Christian/pagan festivals Easter/Ostara. I love malteaser bunnies, creme eggs, spring flowers, warmer weather, lighter mornings, daffodils, roast lamb and rosemary potatoes and of course hot cross buns. (Don’t forget two weeks off over Easter!) Maybe I should look at an Easter wedding next year, that would be ideal. I can’t wait to go on some spring country walks and take some photos.

This cheered me up this week.
Enough for now, time for a nap! If anyone has any immune boosting ideas I’d be most grateful, don’t forget to click follow!

Also, if you could do with  laugh, head over to my friend bananamay’s blog. Imagine if Carrie Bradshaw crocheted…

5 thoughts on “Feeling like a German sausage: The wurst.

  1. Hi.
    Sorry you are ill, but yay for crochet!
    I have to say as someone who can pick up a cold off someone and get chronic lung infections, i have a few ideas to help.

    Herbal teas, ginger and lemon will help with colds, sinus problems and tummy issues.
    Raspberry tea will really help with your ear infection.

    Then eating as much fresh food as possible, making your own soups carrot and corriander, with a hint of ginger, parsnip and curry powder soup.

    I hope someof this can help you feel better soon

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  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! Ear infections of any sort are never fun to deal with!
    I think your afghan is coming along well, though! I’m a fan of the sort of mismatched-but-all-coordinating colors theme that it has, along with the mis-mash of stitch patterns!

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  3. In our department we use a packet of wipes of the germ busting type, to give the benches a quick once over, if anyone’s particularly ‘icky’ or a bug is going round. We tend to wipe down when the little darlings aren’t around ( although 6th formers will offer to help if they walk in) if you can open a window & try to regulate the temp ( we can switch our heaters off, just remember to switch it back on at the end of the day)
    I’ve tried all sorts of remedies, I now stick to strepsils, I know there are all sorts of myths about them & vocal cord damage.
    I had shingles in my mouth & ear last year, I used an electric hot water bottle or hand warmer to keep it warm it seemed to help.
    Good luck hope you feel better soon

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