Magenta, lime, meadow and grape

I haven’t posted in ages, I’ve been very busy pouring over pinterest for wedding ideas! (post sure to come soon!)

The unfinished Christmas blanket has been put away until, well, next Christmas.. I have started on a new blanket for my bedroom. My room is mauve but I’d like to introduce some green. This was my inspiration but I wanted to try squares this time, rather than repeatedly going round,to keep myself interested.


The little one is my current square
The little one is my current square

This is the croco-dahlia that i found here on Ravelry.

Simple Granny
Simple Granny

My first double crochet square, really lovely but too stiff for an entire blanket
My first double crochet square, really lovely but too stiff for an entire blanket

More V’s please, beautiful pattern, definitely keeps me busy!
I’m unsure how big I’m going to need it, I’ll probably keep going until I get bored! I intend to sew it altogether with a cream, possibly in stylecraft special DK parchment.

All yarn used is Stylecraft special DK in grape, magenta, meadow, lime.

A sneak peek at my practise baby blanket (for a friend), don’t mind the colours! Inspiration from WoolPickle and helpful photo tutorial from her here! Can anyone suggest some reasonably priced baby soft yarn that doesn’t cost the earth?

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3 thoughts on “Magenta, lime, meadow and grape

  1. Hi. Try out for some great pricing on common brands of yarn. Their selection is great and usually get backorders in pretty quick whenever they do happen to run out (only seems to be when the manufacturor runs out too ive noticed). Ive been very happy with what Ive gotten from them.
    Also, hit or miss option, but definitely check out & bookmark some of their pricing is just too good to be true! But again it’s hit or miss on what you find. As with any super-discount supply, sometimes the same stuff stays available a while, sometimes not. Good luck!


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