New year, new me? I think I’ll stay as I am and hope for the best..

When do you pack a Christmas tree away? I’m sure I have this thought every year. 10 days a go the tree looked bright, festive and exciting with the gifts under it,the lights twinkling and its promise of Christmas day. Now it looks gaudy and out of place. I’d like to reclaim my living room actually.

This year my new years resolutions are:

  • be more organised, buy a calender, fill it up with social events, save money, pay bills on time, stay later at work, do more work in the week so i don’t have to work weekends, plan meals better, see more of my family, send birthday cards on time, send birthday cards at all, use the sky plus app on my phone, spend saturdays wisely, not hungover
  • be healthier, get up early, eat breakfast, drink less alcohol, don’t drink after school no matter how much those kids stress me out, get more haircuts, eat more vegetables, cook more foods that include vegetables, read even more, watch less TV, walk more, exercise, yoga, meditate, moisturise, take off my makeup before i go to bed, go to the opticians AND the dentist, be less hungover on saturdays
  • feel less guilt, be proactive about feeling guilty, be a better friend, learn to say NO, be kinder to some, not so kind to others, don’t be afraid to speak my mind, don’t feel guilty for speaking my mind, not worry so much, craft more, up-cycle, get out the sewing machine, paint that furniture, blog more, write more, travel more

Nothing ground breaking there, I’m sure the lists the same every year.. and although i wont achieve all of it, like last year, even if i just achieve a couple of things that’ll be a start. Oh and also, don’t feel guilty about not achieving everything on this list, or about being hungover, again.

4 thoughts on “New year, new me? I think I’ll stay as I am and hope for the best..

  1. Very true about not making yourself feel guilty! It’s great to have things to work towards, but at some point, we aren’t going to be 100% what we wish to be…and that has to be okay. The only way you’ll be able to actually succeed is to remember that we’re all human…hiccups are going to happen!

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