A very merry christmas

Well Christmas has been an absolute whirlwind of excitement this year, I have been thoroughly spoiled!
On Christmas Eve we went to M’s parents where he took me on a candlelit walk down the garden to the summer house by the pond and asked me to marry him. When my giggling fit subsided I obviously said yes. 7 years and now engaged, I can’t keep the smile off my face. Now this wasn’t a complete surprise as a few weeks previously he had taken me to Hatton garden to choose a ring. In the same shop his mum had hers made in 1978 I chose a beautiful cushion cut diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds and diamonds on the shoulder, quite sparkly!
So that was very exciting. It was also lovely to see and spend time with all my family with my new fiancee (!) at Christmas, something we haven’t been able to do before.

Now for some sad news… I have lost my Cosy blanket. I had left it in the staffroom at work  and was hosting a Christmas party that eve. One of my colleagues gave it to another colleague to bring to my house and since then it hasn’t been seen. I’m hoping it will show up in the new year…  it’s especially sad as I have begun to make a beautiful cushion to go with it.

From attic24s blooming flower cushion, but with cosy colours


Over the Christmas holidays I had my brother come to stay. He took to crochet like a duck to water!


I have a few little projects going on atm and will update very soon!


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